Artificial Intelligence as a Service


Integrating AI into your products, services or processes, with minimal investment and risk, is made possible thanks to our AIaaS offer.

We offer you a customized service that provides high performances, high QoS and ease of integration. You pay for what you use, cost scales with your needs and you don’t have to invest.

This partnership preserves your freedom as you can interrupt it at any time. We assume the risk of this interruption because we trust in the qualities of our solutions.

This partnership preserves your autonomy, at any time you can ask for a technology transfer, ensuring your independence.


1 Defining a useful and feasible project

Together, we asses your artificial intelligence needs. If your project seems appropriate and achievable, we directly make you a service offer. If your project hasn’t fully matured, we can offer you the necessary guidance to help you shape it before we can make a service offer.

This step is crucial in helping reduce your risks and ours.

2 Service commissioning

We define the API together so that you can easily integrate the service into your environment. We commit to a level of quality of service and performance.

3 Optimized service period

Operation starts with an optimized service period. Throughout this period we continuously monitor our algorithms and adapt them to fit the evolutions of your data. Because our remuneration depends on our performance, we seek to attain optimal results. The duration of this period is defined by a volume of data to process. This volume guarantees us a minimal revenue that amounts to our investment. The cheaper each data processing is, the longer this period is. Our prices do not change during this period, providing you security and foreseeable costs. There are no commitments on your part, you can interrupt the contract at any time, granted you give us a one month notice.

Once this period ends you are given three options:

  1. Extend the optimized service period

  2. Switch to a maintenance period

  3. Take advantage of a technology transfer

4 Optimized service period extension

These extensions are renewable annual contracts, you can always interrupt them with a one month notice. Service is the same as during the initial period, pricing is comparable.

5 Maintenance period

These periods are renewable annual contracts, you can always interrupt them with a one month notice.
Service is the same but we consider algorithms stable enough and don’t improve them anymore.
Pricing is reduced compared to the optimized service period.

6 Technology transfer

At any moment, our clients can take advantage of a technology transfer.
The technology transfer consists in the transfer of the source code of our solution, and can be complemented with transfert assistance services: training, support.
The transfer is free once the initial optimized service period is over, before that point the price of the transfer is equal to the price of processing the data remaining to reach the end of the initial optimized service period.


1 Service pricing

During the project definition phase, we set the price of a correctly processed data unit. If the data has historically been processed manually, we aim for a price that is at least two times inferior to the manual processing cost. Otherwise, it is up to the client to define this price according to their business model.

Once this price has been set, we determine the number of data to be processed during the optimal service period, in order to recoup our investment. If the client wants a very attractive price, it must commit to a long-term partnership.

To finance the commissioning phase, we define an advance on the service. This advance allows us to develop the API to connect our algorithms to the client's environment and to test our algorithms on their data. A third of this advance is paid when the order is placed, the rest once commissioning is done. Commissioning is considered done once the minimum performance level guaranteed by the contract has been reached.

Billing is done monthly, our clients only have to pay for the data that was processed correctly. Until the advance previously paid runs out, half of your monthly bill is deducted from it.

2 Complementary services pricing

Service provisions that complement an AIaaS contract, like consulting, training, specific features, etc. benefit from preferential pricing.

Pricing for service provisions complementing an AIaaS contract
Service Price per day
AI Expert 650€ HT
Training by an AI expert 1300€ HT
Specialized annotator 250€ HT

In truth, our pricing is as follows: junior AI expert 500€, senior AI expert 750€, project leader 800€. We work in team.The daily price of 650€ is a team price compound of different qualifications.
We ask for travel expenses to be reimbursed if we provide supporting documents.
An advance of 30% of the service provision price is asked upon order.
Payment is due 30 days after the end of each service provision.

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