Collaborative research


Our team comes from academia and we aspire to do applied research by leveraging the scientific state of the art to solve industrial problems.

We have participated in 3 international scientific challenges and supervised 4 CIFRE PhDs.

Research strengthens our technological assets and has allowed us to submit patent applications.

We are looking for partners to set up research projects with large industrial actors and universities.

The collaboration can be setup as a partnership or we can work as subcontractors, depending on the kind of public funding that is sought out for the project’s undertaking.


We work in close collaboration with our partners during the whole grant application process and in defining the terms regarding intellectual property.

We have experience conducting research projects and can take an active role in the projects planification and management.

The work is done through sprints, each sprint is assigned a goal and does not exceed 20 days.


If working through a partnership, our low costs allows us to file very competitive requests, for the same workload, our grant requests are lower than those of our competitors.

We are currently getting our “crédit d’impôt recherche” accreditation, which, when subcontracting to us, will allow for the obtention of an additional 30% subsidy on top of the original one.

If subcontracting to us, we transfer licence our source code through a licence specific to research contracts, this licence is inspired by the “Cecill-B” licence and allows for appropriation if significant enough extensions are made.

Our subcontracting offers are quoted in man-days, you are offered preferential pricing, no matter the duration of the project research.

Service provision pricing for a collaborative research contract
Service Price per day
AI researcher 600€ HT
Specialized annotator 250€ HT

In truth, our pricing for research contracts is as follows: junior researcher 500€, senior researcher 700€. Currently, our team is comprised of senior researchers only. To avoid penalizing our customers, we apply an average price.
We ask for travel expenses to be reimbursed if we provide supporting documents.
An advance of a third of the price of the first sprint is asked upon order.
Payment is due 30 days after the completion of each sprint.

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